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Ebiz.com launched 4 new courses and much more...

Monday, February 26, 2007

Its good news for ebizers that ebiz.com pvt. ltd. launched some new courses in ebiz educational and web pack. So, now total course number is 22 instead of 18.
These courses are :
DOS : Microsoft Disk Operating System is the Microsoft-marketed version of the first widely-installed operating system in personal computers.
Computer Fundamentals : Fundamental Computer designed to develop the basic computer skills required in today's technological world. Basic computer is no longer a nicety, but rather a necessity.
Core Java :
Core Java offers a total immersion approach for C\C++ programmer wanting to learn java.
The course will use JDK(Java Development Kit) and covers all the new language features.
This course inclues worked out examples illustrating new JDK features that are fully explained thoughout the course.

Java Server Pages (JSP) technology enables Web developers and designers to rapidly develop and easity maintain, information- rich, dynamic Web pages that leverage exiting business systems.
As part of the Java technology family, JSP technology enables rapid development of Web-based applications that are platform independent.

Ebiz.com has also launched 2 new type of courses. Fire Fighting and First Aid

Fire Fighting : Know carefull tips to prevent from fire this module consist What is Fire?, How to detect a fire?, What is the exact procedure to fight against of fire?, What is correct procedure to use fire extinguishers?, What is fire prevention? and more.

First Aid : Commonly seen accident due to slips and falls, exposure to toxic fumes/materials, water accident, alcohol related crash injuries, electric shock etc. In providing medical aid, the response must be both swift and efficient. A stitch in time may save more than nine lives out of ten.

So, enjoy these new courses.

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Last convention of 2006

The last convention of ebiz.com Pvt. Ltd. was held at Amritsar. There were around 100000 people gathered in convention.

Really a big crowd. All were exited to listen their favorite leader.

Just think how amazing it is? More than one lakh peoples when shouts etc.... Really it’s very amazing.

It’s difficult to handle a big crowd but all ebizers live in discipline.
So, never miss any convention even you are not an ebizer. Because you learn too much things (if you want to learn) or it can be very enjoyable.


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Saturday, November 12, 2005

More than 2 lakh peoples join with us.

Amritsar Convention
Th fifth convention of ebiz.com pvt ltd. is help in the golden city amritsar. Thousands of ebbizzers and guest attend this two- day convention. The next convention will held in Delhi in the month of march 2006.

Lakhs of peoples earning 6 figure income per month(specially students) from this literacy mission.

The group of ebiz.com is fastly increasing and it is now the fastest mlm of India. which is promoting Computer education through MLM. ebiz.com also make a record in providing free computer education. lots of award given to company due to spreading IT-Revolution and employeement for youngers.


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